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Effegibi is central to a story that starts with tradition and stretches right into the most innovative future. This is a story wellbeing, of the ancient traditions of the sauna and the Turkish bath that today’s advanced technology and design excellence have clothed in a new guise. One of the strong points is the excellence of our high-tech solutions, always in the vanguard of progress with long-lasting, energy-saving products of certified quality, requiring very little maintenance in addition to a constant quest for high performance and practicality.

YOKU’s essential, well-balanced minimalist design is also warm, welcoming and natural. The heater is built into the lowest bench, thus displaying an uncluttered, linear effect.

If you want to convey a sauna and a Turkish bath in one good-looking design, Logica SH is the style solution with top functional standards to make your dream come true.

BODYLOVE SH Functional, stylish, luxurious, a Rodolfo Dordoni design that engages all the senses. You can personalise your spa just as you want it.BodyLove offers the opportunity for complete personalisation, including the choice of materials.

Logica is the culmination of many years of experience, resulting in a harmonious combination of the Finnish sauna and hammam. The natural materials are coordinated in a practical, understated style, making Logica a thing of beauty that is unique and complete.

WATERDREAM is a mini pool design, the brief being to create a complementary product to enhance the well-being experience, which is also ideal for domestic settings. WATERDREAM is a brand new product that stands alongside Effegibi’s range, previously focused on saunas and Hammams.

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