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Nexion International is the only design in Italy and made in India manufacturer of sintered stone slabs in the most premium segment of the ceramic market in India. The company is an innovator in the field of marble reflection, offering a perfect mirror-like no distortion polishing and surfaces with up to 8 options on marbles. In 2020, Nexion was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for its texture surfaces.

Nexion brecciaaurora is a high-quality vitrified tile with very high breaking strength and stain resistance. The unique feature of the tiles is the high-quality digital printing which makes the tile like real marble and not some ordinary tile.

Frappuccino reinterprets the prestigious marbles excavated in the mountains surrounding Carrara, the town capital of Italian marble since the Roman Empire. It is a prestigious marble that wrote important pages in the history of classic and modern architecture.

A perfect combination of architecture, quality manufacture, art and design

The uneven green is embellished with translucent white veins of Irish Green.

The result is an exceptional 3D textured collection, able to attribute a vibrant contemporary design to an element of timeless charm as marble. A collection that brings the best inspiration of contemporary Italian design to every type of space and environment.

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